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Watch Susan's Latest Video!

Welcome To My Website


Welcome! Topics: summer concerts, Rise Again! songbook, The Children’s Music Network conference, and more

September 2015

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my website!   If you’re reading this I thank you for visiting and assume you want to know more about me and my work in the world of children’s music.  I’ll be updating my bio and concert schedule in the next few days, but in the meantime please take a look around while you’re here.

I’ve got lots of news, but I’d first like to recap the last six months and tell you some exciting news about my song “Peace In My Fingers.”


Thanks for visiting my website — check out my updated news and calendar.


PARENTS’ CHOICE Honors: Come and Make a Circle 3, making all of my Come and Make a Circle CDs award winners!  



December 2013:  Very proud  to learn last month that my most recent recording, Come and Make a Circle 3, was given a Parents’ Choice Silver Award.  The recognition from the fine folks at Parents’ Choice means a lot to me.  Truth be told, I did not send this album out for reviews and did very little promotion for it, so the publicity the CD will enjoy because of the award is much needed and deeply appreciated.

My song “I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers” continues its happy journey around the world.  I just heard from a teacher at the Umberto Morra’ Primary School in Cortona Arezzo Toscany, Italy, who came across the song and had her students perform it in a holiday concert for their families.

How to Grow a Garden by guest blogger Brigid Finucane, Music Specialist (June 2013)

June 2013:  “This Spring, children in Reina Bago’s morning and afternoon Pre-K classes were very busy planting seeds.  Susan Salidor’s poem, “First You Take a Seed,” helped the children remember the most important things the seed need to grow:  soil, water, rain and time to let the magic happen!”  Read More

New Head Shots

So grateful to Dan Rest for my new head shots. This is one of my favorites. Read More

Latest Video

Watch my latest animated video, Wiggle Till The Cows Come Home.

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