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A Program of Story and Song featuring Storyteller Dot Kane and Singer/Songwriter Susan Salidor

Dot’s energetic and madcap presentation has delighted thousands of children and adults all over the Midwest. With a background in early childhood education, children’s theater and dance, Dot educates, entertains and keeps the kids movin’!

Dot has presented her storytelling workshop at teacher and parent conferences in Chicago, Moline, and Milwaukee, and performs at more than 350 schools, theaters and special events every year.

“The Dot & Susan Show” is entertaining for all ages! Dot Kane’s interactive storytelling coupled with Susan Salidor’s toe-tapping tunes have been entertaining children and their families for over ten years. Call now to book a show in your neighborhood.

Dot and Susan can tailor their show to your event!

  • Target Audience: Preschools and Early Elementary
  • Program Length: Fifty minutes
  • Technical Needs: Two lapel microphones, or two microphones with stands; two armless chairs; 12′x12′ performance space
  • Fee: $800
  • Contact: Dot Kane 708-482-7397 or or Susan Salidor 773-271-5568 or

The Dot and Susan Show is fun and smart from start to finish! Dot Kane and Susan Salidor have created a show perfectly suited to the tastes of young children, teachers, and parents. The best kids show I’ve ever seen!
- Diana Rosenbrock, Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator, Triton College, Illinois

Teacher Workshops

My music consultant work is particularly rewarding for me and can take many forms. Fees are negotiable and based on prep time spent out of the classroom plus time spent at the site.

  • Design and present music workshops tailored to the needs of teaching staffs
  • Meet with teachers and help implement a personalized, original arts integration curriculum (Pre-K through 4th grade)
  • Teach a series of master classes either before or after presenting one of my three teacher music workshops (Pre-K through 1st grade)
  • “Master Classes” plus teacher music workshop(s) culminating in a school-wide evening family concert

I’d love to talk with you about your musical needs. I am happy to put you in touch with school districts that have used my services. Please call me (773-271-5568) or send an email to get the ball rolling!

Private Classes

For Cryin’ Out Loud Music Classes for Mommy, Babies and Toddlers
(Chicago and Evanston only)

Now you can create your own on-site music classes!

MG_13221Just gather 6-8 pairs of mommies and babies, pick a home (or rotate homes), and I will come lead 8 weeks of music classes with lots of swaying, rocking, clapping, singing and dancing. I’ll even bring an age appropriate basket of sturdy percussion instruments, scarves and wooden claves for children to practice finding the beat in a variety of songs.

“Susan held this group of 5 year olds spellbound for more than 45 minutes: they sang together, played instruments, jumped and danced, did fancy things with scarves. A week later I’m still getting comments from the other parents about how much fun it was.”
Leslie D., Chicago – April 2013

Classes are 30 minutes long and cost $16.00 per session per caregiver/baby pair with a minimum of 6 pairs. That’s less expensive than any of the commercial competitors and way more convenient.

Be the hippest mom (or dad!) in the neighborhood and give me a call me at 773-271-5568 to book an 8 or 10-week private music class for babies and toddlers. Classes being formed now for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012.


Call me to set up 30-minute classes at your child’s school! Many of my preschool music classes take place at privately run preschools and home daycares. 8-session, 10-session, and semester-long classes are available now for the 2011-2012 school year.



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