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Singing with Ella at Park Dedication (Summer 2015)

I was thrilled to be asked to sing with and for the First Lady of Children’s Music, Ella Jenkins.  There is a public park in Old Town, Chicago, that was dedicated in her name and a crowd gathered to see the neighborhood make it official.  We sang “Did You Feed My Cow?” and “Jambo,” her original song.  She was delightful and in good spirits.   The movers and shakers behind the park dedication invited Jay and I to have brunch with Ella a few months ago and, again, we sang a bit and enjoyed the visit.


New Head Shots!  (It’s about time and all thanks to local Chicago treasure Dan Rest!)

In this shot, I’m playing a paper ukelele!  Impossible, you say?  Perhaps.  It’s actually a “thank you” card from one of my classes at First Academy here in Chicago.  The ukelele opens to reveal the colorful handprints of all of the students along with their names.  How cool is that?  (6/11/13)


Fall 2012

That’s Hope, Jay and me in front of the post office in downtown Chicago at the height of the teachers’ strike in September. We are a proud union family, and my husband is a veteran public school teacher with 25 years in the system. He also serves on the Chicago Teacher Pension Fund Board of Trustees, fighting to uphold dignity in and out of the classroom. You can see the reflection of the thousands of supports in the windows behind us. I believe our mayor and his people were floored when money alone could not satisfy teachers who have been insulted, derided and scapegoated for so long. The outpouring of support from pubic school families and city workers is something I will never forget.


Summer 2012

Here I am with some of my favorite preschool teachers on Nantucket. Thanks to Wee Whalers for hosting yet another music workshop. We sang, we laughed, we ate and enjoyed each other while celebrating music in the early childhood classroom.


Spring 2012

Dot Kane and I performing in Hyde Park at KAM Isaiah Israel. I’ve never met a bad audience in that sacred spot! Dot and I performed “The Dot & Susan Show” for the first time last spring and had a blast. If you don’t know Dot the Storyteller and all of her zaniness, check out her website:


September 2011

That’s my dear friend and musician Mollie Glazer and I before our kids’ concert on September 13, 2011 in Nantucket, MA. We’re both holding ukuleles, but Mollie also played cello and I played my autoharp. You can hear Mollie on lots of my recordings, and the song she wrote with my husband Jay Rehak, “I Should Like,” appears on my CD Songs in the Key of Chai.


July 2011

That’s me in the back row on the right holding up my handmade adufe drum at a drum workshop in July created and taught by Dr. Craig Woodson from Roots of Rhythm. Teacher friends from Merit School of Music, Ravinia’s Artist in Residence program and Old Town School of Music’s Wiggleworms joined me in a fabulous two-day session held at Merit in downtown Chicago.


May 2011

Here I am celebrating Fairview Elementary School’s 25th Anniversary. I love this school in Rockford, IL, and I was happy to be asked back to help celebrate. It’s staff, students, families and mission is indeed something to be honored. Happy Anniversary Fairview!



February 2011

Susan performing at Shuba’s Tavern with Matt Yanny-Tillar on February 5, 2011

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