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Songs in the Key of Chai

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This recording is a collection of Jewish and mostly Jewish songs from Susan’s previous recordings and includes a handful of never released songs such as “I’m Sorry” and “Shabat Shalom Call and Response. Chai celebrates the life of Susan’s dad, Leonard Salidor, who passed away months before this release. Jewish pre-schools and day schools will find many great songs to add to their classroom repertoire, but the songs in the recording lift up the shared values of all religions.

The 17-song recording includes the following five previously unreleased tracks: “I’m Sorry”, “In the Window”, “Eili, Eili”, “Hinei Ma Tov”, and “Shabat Shalom, Call and Response”.

→ Read the story behind the song “I’m Sorry”


^Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
^Hinei Ma Tov
^Zum Gali Gali/Lo Yisa Goy Medley
^Fine Finkelstein
^I’m Sorry
^Gimmel Gimmel Shin
^One Little Hanukah Candle
^In the Window
^Shabat Shalom Call and Response
^Eili, Eili
^Bom Bom Biddy
^I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers
^What is Peace to You?
^I Should Like (The Gaze of God)
^Shalom Chaverim

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