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Shiny New Shoes

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Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner!

  • “brims with delightful songs and is filled with expert musicianship”
    – Fred Koch, Chicago Parent

Featuring Susan’s original songs: “Shiny New Shoes”, “I’m Having a Backwards Day”, Fine Finkelstein”, “Gimmel Gimmel Shin”, “Shimmy with Me”, “Mighty Fine Road”, “I Want to Be an Orthodontist”, “Oolong Tea’, “The Flicky Flacky Song”, “Every Moment, Every Day”, and “Each and Everyone of You” as well as traditional songs with Susan’s own twist: “The ABC Song”, “Hear that Train”, and “Pick a Bale of Cotton”


Shiny New Shoes
I’m Having a Backwards Day
The ABC Song
Fine Finkelstein
Gimmel Gimmel Shin
Shimmy With Me
Hear That Train
Mighty Fine Road
^I Want to Be an Orthodontist
Pick a Bale of Cotton
Oolong Tea
The Flicky Flacky Song
Every Moment, Every Day
Each and Every One of You

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