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Come and Make a Circle 3: Even MORE Terrific Tunes for Children and Those Who Love Them

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Come and Make a Circle 3 is the third in a series of circle time (and anytime) recordings.

The songs are divided into the following categories: Let’s Sing, Favorite Fingerplays, Rhythm & Rhyme, Songs That Teach, Let’s Dance, Listening Songs and Time to Sleep.

Use all or any part of this CD to create your own circle time playlist.


^I’ll Sing a Song for You
^Wiggle ’til the Cows Come Home
^Three Dresses
^Mousie Mousie
^These Are My Glasses
^Snowflakes Falling to the Ground
^Summer Camp
^Back in the Day
^When It’s Cold Outside
^Building a Better World
^What Kind of Pie Am I?
^It’s Time to Stand Up
^A Very Moving Medley
^Heel and Toe
^Circling Round
^No Bow, No Go!
^Every Little Bit of You
^Sleep, Baby, Dream

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