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First You Take a Seed: From Poem to Lesson to Bulletin Board Project

How to Grow a Garden by Brigid Finucane, Music Specialist (June 2013)

This Spring, children in Reina Bago’s morning and afternoon Pre-K classes were very busy
planting seeds.  Susan Salidor’s poem, “First You Take a Seed,” helped the children remember the most important things the seed need to grow:  soil, water, rain and time to let the magic happen! After the children planted the seeds, during music class, they planted each other while chanting the poem. One child was the “planter,” the other was the “flower.”  At the end of the poem, the planter asked the their flower, “What color are you?”  and “May I smell you?” – then changed places and got planted themselves!!


Ms. Bago and her assistant teacher, Ms. Monsanto, were so delighted with the poem, that they created a charming bulletin board featuring the poem, and documenting the process of the children as they planted the seeds. Flowers dance across the diorama on either side of the poem, and each flower’s center holds the face of one of the children. Whimsical ladybugs and butterflies join the celebration announcing that Spring has finally come to Chicago!  Thank you, Susan, for such a wonderful poem, and thanks to the creative teachers  at Tarkington School, for bringing it to life!

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