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Raves & Quotes about Susan

“Susan not only puts a smile on the glowing faces of the children to whom she sings but on the grownups lucky enough to be in her presence.  The magic that she provides through her singing and movement is demonstrated in the way each child hangs on her every word and follows her every direction.  She is very special indeed!”

Kevin O’Brien
Director, Mary Meyer School

We loved your performance! Every teacher came up to me and said how excellent you were, and the kids had so much fun! Oh, they were thrilled. My little ones were so excited about the performer and meeting Susan Salidor! It was so precious watching the kids enjoy seeing you sing all their favorite songs from the year. Parents that were there were so impressed and loved you and your performance. We had a ball!
Thank you again so much We will have to do this again sometime.

Katie Hopkins, Preschool Teacher
Peirce Elementary School, Chicago
Event: Combined Preschool and Kindergarten concert in June 2013

Susan Salidor is the finest singer of music for children I’ve ever heard. She is a witty and insightful songwriter, and fills her songs with values and understanding of the hearts and minds of little ones. When I saw her live I saw the influence of her musical theater training on her performances. She doesn’t just stand there and sing, she actually creates “cabaret for kids.” She’s the best in her field.

David Edward Sims
Voiceover artist, writer and host of Cabochon Jazz Radio on Radio DePaul

“As the Art Director for a K-8 charter school I worked with our arts music teams to plan our first Fine Arts Festival in May of his year. Earlier in the year, I contacted Susan and asked if it was possible she come as a performing artist for this event. We were happy to learn she had an opening this day. We service many young families and friends whom we were certain would benefit from her fun music and lively interactions. Susan performed an hour music concert which was enlightening and highly entertaining. Her sparkle and energy won everyones hearts who attended, both children and adults alike! People are still talking about Susan’s music. After the concert, it is also exciting to still hear Susan’s uplifting music in our classrooms as teachers are playing her CD’s. Thank you Susan for sharing your love, talent and enthusiasm for music with us! We loved your concert and we love you!”

The Art and Music Teams at Cambridge Lakes Charter School
Holly Blair-Cascio/Art Director, June 2012

“I did also purchase Color Me Singing and Shiny New Shoes and the children I teach love them. One more thing! My three year old granddaughter lives with me. The evening of the conference I came home and taught her the “Here is a Turtle” fingerplay. She really liked it. Then I put on your Shiny New Shoes CD for her to listen to. A few minutes later I peeked into the room she was in and saw her jivin’ to your music in front of a full length mirror, but she had her hand in the turtle shape and was petting it and having it dance with her! Moments like that, one never forgets. Thank you for that special moment!”

Pat, Willow Springs

Dear Susan,

“Thank you for doing a workshop at the DAEYC conference. I have been teaching for 20+ years but new ideas are always the way to grow and your enthusiasm was very catching :) Thanks again for sharing your talent!”

Diane, Bloomingdale

From written evaluations from the 2009 Fox Valley AEYC Conference Keynote Address:

  • “Very upbeat, happy, funny, charismatic!”
  • “Loved the songs! I will be using so much more music in my classroom.”
  • “Longer! Longer! Longer!”
  • “I have been to other ‘music’ conferences and this one is by far the most stimulating.”
  • “It felt like a one-on-one presentation.”

Comments from Workshop Evaluations for Sure-Fire Hits for Preschool Teachers:

  • “I want her to be my teacher!”
  • “I can’t wait to try out these ideas in my classroom.”
  • “Excellent presenter! Lots of neat ideas?lively?funny!!!”
  • “Fun and inspiring!”
  • “Great presenter! She was very enthusiastic and upbeat!”
  • “Excellent?will try many things this Monday. Keep up the good work.”
  • “Great! Very affirming of children.”
  • “Right on target for preschoolers.”
  • “Excellent blend of humor and music instruction.”
  • “Loved her high energy ? a great way to end the day!”

Dear Ms. Salidor,

Thank you for your fabulous performances at the Barrington Area Library on March 10. Patrons, young and old, relished your traditional music and enjoyed singing along with you. We will certainly keep you in mind for future programs.

Thank you again for a great performance, and best wishes for continued success!

Marcie Barnett, Assistant Librarian
Young People’s Services
Barrington Area Library

(Below is an excerpt from Fred Koch’s column in Chicago Parent)

I may be a little biased, but I’m convinced that Chicago has the finest children’s musicians in the country. Think about it. First and foremost, there’s Ella Jenkins. Then there are Joel Frankel, Susan Salidor, Nelson Gill, Jim Gill (no relation), Steve Rashid and even the Veggie Tales folks. They all produce great children’s music and all call Chicago home.

Fred Koch
Chicago Parent

Dear Susan:

Thank you for the wonderful musical program you brought to us in February!

We are happy to be able to provide such high quality programming for the Glenview community and we thank you for the role you play in that effort.

Silvia Kraft-Walker
Preschool Services Coordinator
Glenview Public Library


CIMG1683CIMG1671CMN concert pix from 2011 OTSFM


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