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New CD Compilation from Recess Music just released with one of my songs!

Gratitude Attitude cover

Friends, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new release from Recess Music that includes my song “Every Little Bit of You” from my newest recording Come and Make a Circle 3.  This is the second Recess Music project I have been involved with and I couldn’t be happier.  This latest recording is part of the BEST FOOT FORWARD series from Recess Music, promoting and imparting all sorts of important values and ideals for children and those who love them.  Other selections include music from Bill Harley, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Debbie and Friends, Earth Mama and many other talented voices in the children’s music world.

Check out the release at:

Prague/Summer Gigs 2013


Jay and I just returned from three weeks in Prague, Czech Republic.  It was like being enrolled in an intensive college course in Czech history, politics and culture.  Everywhere we went we found centuries of beautiful architecture.  Even the Soviet architecture begins to grow on you after a while, in spite of the high price paid by the Czechs as a result of the oppressive 40-year reign of communism.  Fascinating stuff.

On the professional front, I’ve got a handful of Chicagoland gigs in July, and I’m thrilled to be performing in South Carolina mid-August at the following libraries:  Surfside, Conway, and Carolina Forest.  Check out my calendar page for more information.

I greatly enjoyed my concerts in Washington, D.C. for Little People of America (LPA) in the beginning of July.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a conference where joy was so pervasive.  Many thanks to Joanna Campbell, Executive Director of LPA, for thinking of me for the event.

The CD “Gratitude Attitude” produced by Recess Music was released last week.  I’m happy to be included on this compilation recording with the likes of Bill Harley and Earth Mama.  A song I wrote for Jay, Every Little Bit of You from my latest CD “Come and Make a Circle 3,” was chosen for the compilation, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Looking forward to making new friends in South Carolina.  I wish you all a fabulous summer, 2013.


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